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About Us

About Us

At Careerscape we strive to give people the tools, understanding and support needed to grow professionally and to confidently make career related decisions. We want to help you build a strong framework for sustainable career development based not only on skills but experiences, interests, aspirations and personality.

Careerscape is committed to facilitating career development opportunities for individuals and organizations. This includes one-on-one support for individual career planning as well as group facilitation for organizations looking to increase employee engagement and improve workplace communication. We strive to help people connect with their own unique purpose in the world. By staying connected to our life purpose, we reduce anxiety and disorientation. When we are authentic to our own experiences, personality and interests, we build a strong framework for sustainable career planning that benefits our families and the organizations we work for while helping us develop ourselves.

Careerscape aims to create safe and welcoming spaces for people of all ages, abilities, gender, racial and cultural/religious backgrounds and are an LGBTQ+ positive practice. We also offer our services in Spanish, as well as English.

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More and more the path to career success is based on how well we can adapt to constantly changing circumstances. It can be hard to find a sense of peace and security in our working lives in such uncertain times, however when we face these challenges together there lies great possibility for our own personal and collective transformation.

As people make difficult and complex career decisions and as traditional organizational structures face big challenges, new tools and approaches are needed for career and organizational development. Careerscape provides expertise focused on helping you solve career related challenges in the constantly changing landscape of work.

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My own career story has had many different chapters all connected by a passion for helping people develop and pursue their own unique skills and vision for their lives. In my professional experiences as a capacity builder and leadership development professional in Canada and Latin America, I have facilitated individuals and groups to engage more fully with their work and everyday lives. For the last decade I have worked in the international non-profit sector directly with government and civil society groups and since 2014 have been helping people find meaningful employment opportunities in Toronto.

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